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mypictureHello all!

Welcome to the private website of Massimiliano Terzi (also known as Massi).

This blog will talk, intermittently and invariably, about those themes whom are most dear to me. I am fairly sure I will never become the best in any of the disciplines I list below. Nonetheless, I have got one thing or two to say about each of them.These are, in alphabetical order:

I hope you will enjoy the reading. I do not expect to interest all with all my posts and articles. But I will make one promise. I believe in the simplicity of reality: in my opinion, complex matters can be conveyed and reconciled into simple words. Hence, I will aim to be simple and understable by all.

Bear with me while I try to set this web space up and running.

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions or comments to make, please reach me at